Engineering Geologic Studies

Our expertise lies in performing detailed engineering geologic studies in association with the planning and construction of custom single-family residences and residential subdivisions. However, we also provide engineering geologic services for guesthouse, retaining wall, swimming pool, spa, tennis court, patio, deck, addition, and private sewage disposal system construction. The engineering geologic staff of Mountain Geology, Inc. is also highly skilled in performing site specific seismic and fault hazard evaluations and geologic studies involving landslide identification and mitigation.

Detailed engineering geologic studies are required in most areas for proposed hillside residential/commercial development, hillside grading, hillside construction projects, private sewage disposal systems, landslide studies, seismic hazard evaluations, and feasibility studies.

A detailed engineering Geologic Study includes:


Office Analysis

Subsurface Exploration

Seismic Hazard Evaluation

Preparation of a Written Report

Construction Inspections