Fee Schedule

Effective: January 1st, 2009

A. Hourly Charges for Professional Geologic Services:

  1. Expert Witness or Deposition Services - $400.00/hr.
    • *Note: Expert Witness = 8 hour minimum / Depositions = 4 hour minimum
  2. Principal Certified Engineering Geologist / Hydrogeologist - $220.00/hr.
  3. Project Certified Engineering Geologist / Hydrogeologist - $150.00/hr.
  4. Staff Geologist - $110.00/hr.

B. Construction Site Observations:

  1. Professional fees for geologic site observations requested or required during grading or construction will be invoiced on an hourly basis.
  2. Hourly fees as presented in Section A.
  3. A minimum charge of two (2) hours will be made for each site observation required during grading or construction, plus mileage. A minimum of twenty-four (24) hour notice is required to schedule requested site observations.
  4. Mileage / travel expenses are charged for vehicle travel to and from project site from MGI's office at the rate of sixty ($0.60) cents per mile.

C. Outside Expenses:

  1. Exploration sublease expenses (excavation of borings, test pits, trenches, CPT's, etc.) are charged at cost plus fifteen (15%) percent.
  2. Delivery or messenger services are charged at cost plus fifteen (15%) percent.

D. Additional Report Copies:

  1. Clerical - $50.00/hr.
  2. Reports - $0.25/page
  3. Map Sheets - $3.00/sq. foot
  4. Minimum Charge for Report Copies (including maps) - $40.00/copy
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